Join us for a Sacred Sound Healing featuring Encoded Sound Frequency. We will begin this journey together with an offering of Hape, Sananga and Becchete after opening our four directions and smudging our auras with palo santo and sage.
Root your feet in the earth, soak in the luminous energy of the sun and feel the vibrations of sacred sound.

Donation: $50
Email: to reserve your space
Limited spaces available.

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, water bottle and dress for the weather

This sacred medicine is used for healing at the physical and spiritual level by clearing your energetic pathways and gaining a deeper perception and focus. It originated in Peru and Brazil, where many tribes use it for its potent healing qualities. Sananga is made from the roots of the plant Tabernaemontana sananho. The roots are sustainably and ethically sourced by Kambo Canada. It is used to find the roots of illnesses and blockages, leading to a rebalancing, grounding and shift to peacefulness. Sananga assists in gaining deeper spiritual awareness and setting intentions.

One drop of Sananga is applied to each eye using an eye dropper. A stinging sensation will immediately follow. Recipients are encouraged to close their eyes for as long as the stinging continues (usually 1-2 minutes) and cover their eyes with kleenex tissues. Tears may form in the first minute after application. After opening their eyes, recipients often feel energized for the day and will have a renewed clarity of vision – much like the physical and energetic veil being lifted.

The intensity of effects increase the more days in a row the Sananga is used. It is recommended to take a break after 15 days of continuous use
Mild, Medium and Strong Sananga vary in the intensity of the stinging in the eyes as well as in the intensity of their impact.

Bottles are 10mL and should be stored in the fridge for no longer than 3 months.

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