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Matthew is a truly gifted healer using his heart as his guide and the sacred medicines as his tools. I feel so grateful for the magic and the alchemy of my kambo journey with Matthew. It was a true gift to be in the presence of someone who is resonating at a high vibrational frequency. His gentle guidance and intuition created a safe sacred space, where I was able to explore the deep patterns of negative thought and action that have prevented me from being fully present and attuned to the vitality of life. Matthew’s studio space in zee float is bathed in light and filled with the most beautiful plants and painted canvasses. I felt called to complete three kambo sessions in a moon cycle and will continue to see Matthew for tune-up’s in the future. Since my first treatment session, I have effortlessly transitioned to plant-based clean eating and have eliminated pharmaceuticals from my life. I feel empowered and fully present in the unfolding moment. The experience continues to unfold as the many gifts of kambo continue to reveal themselves to me. Kambo has humbled me and planted seeds of gratitude in my heart forever.

- Theresa

My first journey with Kambo will be forever remembered. Matthew and I planned the session to be about 7 days before my first Ayahuasca ceremony. To start, I will say that Matthew and I are very close friends. Before the session even began, I knew I was going to be in good hands.

A few days prior I ate very clean, cut out any red meats, and started to drink spring water mainly. The morning had arrived, and I made my way over to Matthew’s house for about 8:00am. We greeted each other with a large hug, and very soon after that Matthew opened sacred space. Once sacred space was opened, Matthew applied the 4 burns to my arm. In my honest opinion, this was the easiest part of the whole session.

I sat on my blanket while Matthew prepared the Kambo medicine on his kambo stick. He told me he would apply medicine to one dot first, then apply the rest. He called this the “test point”. Once the first dot was on, I could feel a massive rush of heat rise to the top of my head, this was not necessarily a bad feeling. Soon after, all of the medicine had been applied to my arm and I experienced my first purge. For me, the Kambo seemed to work in waves. The intensity would come and go just like a wave. I could feel negativity being purged from my body, it was quite the feeling. It felt as if in between purges, negative energy would gather up and exit my body. This medicine humbled me more than I could imagine, it is pure work. It can be incredibly difficult but it is an opportunity for very real healing.

Around the 20 minute mark, the medicine had calmed down and I was left resting on my blanket. I had just gone through something very difficult and I felt like a brand new man. There was a sense of calm and clarity at this point. I felt like I could climb a mountain or something. I finished off with a shower, met with Matthew once again and he closed sacred space. The whole session was beyond beautiful, Matthew holds space in a such a great way and he has the purest of intentions. Very professional. I truly felt healed, and it prepared me for the Ayahuasca ceremony I had a week later. The Kambo medicine seemed to have got out a lot of stuff beforehand, so it really helped during the Ayahuasca ceremony as I did not purge once. I felt pure, euphoric, and happy the whole time. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone!

- Evan

Stop!!!This is a must read!!!! It has been a week since we received our 1st healing with Matt Bowler and Kambo medicine. We have not felt this amazing in years!!!!First we would like to tell the world about Matthew. From the moment we saw Matt’s picture on the Kambo Canada website we intuitively knew that he had a pure heart and a kind and gentle spirit. Matt has been informative, caring and extremely knowledgeable. He has gone out of his way to explain in detail all the aspects of Kambo medicine and the treatment so we could feel comfortable and confident. He calmed our anxieties and fears to enable us to achieve a state of openness which is so important for healing. Matt held sacred space for us with love and strength that not only allowed us to relax but to fully trust and feel extremely safe. My husband and I have been doing spiritual work and have participated in other medicine ceremonies for many years, we understand that working with healing modalities and Amazonian medicines as well as spiritual and emotional healing ask’s you to dig deep inside of yourself to recognize where blockages might exist, to become open and trust yourself to realize you are much greater and more connected to the outcome of your physical and emotional health. Receiving Kambo with Matt was the most powerful healing we have ever experienced. We know working through the uncomfortable feelings lead to the greatest healing. After the ceremony we were noticeably relaxed and calm. Our physical ailments were remarkably different and have increasingly improved as the week progressed. We also purchased the sananga eye drops which we have continued to use daily, they are a huge factor in continued healing after the treatment. Our energy levels have skyrocketed and our alertness and deeper understanding of life are in the process of growing. We highly recommend the use of this medicine after treatment with Kambo. As we are experienced healing practitioners, we know the importance of receiving medicines in a nurturing and supportive environment. Matthew Bowler is a supreme guide and loving soul who has your best interest at heart. We believe in Matt and Kambo medicine and highly recommend this treatment for anyone who is serious about healing their physical, spiritual and emotional blockages in a natural, safe and beautiful way. We totally trust Matt and plan on using Kambo medicine when needed for life. We are so blessed to have had this opportunity to meet Matthew and have ongoing access to the healing medicine of Kambo. With much love and appreciation.


It’s been a month since my first Kambo experience. I am a yogi, an engineer, a nature-lover, a bit of a psychonaut, no stranger to the party-life, a truth-seeker, and most certainly a curious bugger. So, when I heard about Kambo I found the whole concept immediately attractive. At the same time I was definitely a little nervous about it and wanted to approach it cautiously. A little google and youtube research definitely helped me come to grip with any apprehension – I didn’t find anything concerning at all, no bad experiences. I was excited by all the positive experiences people described, and even more curious by the fact that everyone seemed to struggle to describe what exactly they felt during it, or what they took away from it. I now understand why; it’s very difficult to put into terms without sounding vague or maybe a little spacey – this medicine really is on a different level.

The feeling while your on Kambo is uncomfortable for sure. For me there was heat, puffiness, purging, a slight blurring of the vision, a bit of ache in the belly and a very unusual inward focus. It really is amazing how the body reacts to this stuff. I wouldn’t let any of the discomfort deter you. I would argue that things like having the flu or being very drunk and dizzy are worse. All of the physical sensations really kind of focus all of your attention on your body, and I’d say there’s actually something kind of enjoyable about it. Certainly not recreational, but if your interested in states of consciousness, this is one that you must try. For me, the Kambo seemed to reach a certain intensity, and then plateau. Which is very nice because the level of intensity is a little scary the first time. My second and third times I did more, but the intensity didn’t really increase proportionally like I expected. As interesting as being on Kambo is, it’s really the feeling afterwards that is the amazing part. A couple days after my first session with Matt I knew for sure that i wanted to do the traditional 3 sessions within a moon cycle. I noticed some beautiful changes and wanted to dive deeper. Just incase you encounter the same thing: after the second and third session I got very puffy in the face and it took a couple days to fully go down, but when it did my skin was very vibrant, my eyes were bright and the skin around them was smoothed. People commented. I have a history of the skin around my eye-lids getting a little red and itchy in times of feeling stressed – I think maybe the Kambo just had some extra work to do in this area.

I would describe the after affects of Kambo like a very subtle, yet impactful, reprogramming. It’s interesting because it kind of showed me how such subtle changes are really all that is needed for big shifts. Both mental and physical. It really makes sense; the idea of flushing the system, waking up physical processes, the purging, it’s like a reboot. They say that it cleanses you of negative energy, and I have to agree that this affect is very palpable. I’ve been practicing yoga for about 8 years now, and I like to think that I’ve become pretty in-tune with my thought-patterns, and physical body. In the days that followed the Kambo I noticed this really nice sort of positive shift in my thinking and the way I interact with people. I would find my mind going down a typical train of thought, and I would literally watch myself just take it in a different direction. In my physical yoga practice I noticed an amazing enhanced focus during classes, a steadiness, a strength – it was subtle, it came from within me, but it was undeniable. This made me a strong believer. It was the things I do very often, the things I do with a lot of awareness and presence, this is where I noticed the affects of Kambo in a big way.

I met Matthew through a casual acquaintance, but it was very easy to trust him. He is linked in with an amazing community of really great people. The vibe is right. He takes his shamanic work very seriously, without taking himself too seriously. A really great guy that I’m very thankful to have met. There was no B.S. or pretending of any sort. He also has other Amazonian plant-based powders and potions that really make for an enhanced experience.

A month later I can’t say that I feel much different, but I think that the Kambo affects are still with me; I think I’ve just gotten used to them, and used to my new and improved self. I look forward to continue to work with this medicine, I will most certainly be back next year, maybe sooner. I highly recommend it.



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