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Kambo medicine is the secretion of a large green tree frog called Phyllomedusa Bicolor. Commonly referred to as the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog, the secretion of the species has been utilized by the aboriginal people of the Amazonian rainforests for thousands of years. Traditionally it has been used to remove toxins from the body, increase strength and stamina and improve hunting success. Kambo offers an immense boost to the human immune system. In keeping with the aboriginal philosophy of maintaining harmony with nature, once the secretions are collected from the frog, the animal is returned to their habitat unharmed. Kambo cleanses the body of negative physical and emotional energies (panema) that block us from attaining our highest purpose. Blockages can manifest in stress, physical ailments, low energy and disease. Emotional toxins in the physical system thwart the human potential. Many people who communicate with the spirit of Kambo describe coming into their personal power through a process of shedding the skin of the past and transforming for the future. Kambo enables us to harmonize and achieve balance in our daily living. In nature, the frog is a symbol for taking a plunge and having the courage to embark on a new journey or way of life despite great obstacles.


Kambo treatments can target specific areas that align with symptoms described by the recipient. This method allows for rapid transformation and targeted healing. Kambo is applied to the skin and often takes mere minutes to resonate with your body. Recipients often feel a rush of heat to their face and head, followed by waves of purging brought on by the medicine. As the body integrates the medicine, recipients describe a sense of letting go, wholeness and calm. This is the beginning of the transformative shift towards becoming their highest and best self. There are four different types of treatment: Basic: In this traditional method, Kambo is applied to the left arm on male recipients and between the right knee and anke on female recipients. Meridian: Medicine is administered on meridians to adjust energy flow. Chakra: Medicine is placed on chakras to bring the recipient back into balance. Auricular: Medicine is administered in the ears to treat symptoms in the body. Special: Medicine is applied to meridian, chakra and auricular systems during the treatment. It is traditionally recommended to receive 3 full applications within one full moon cycle in order to receive the greatest potential of the medicine.


Becchete is made from the roots of the Amazonian plant Tabernaemontana undulata. This sacred medicine is used for healing physical and spiritual ailments by clearing negative energies and opening the third eye – enabling a completely new way of perceiving and focusing. Becchete is very dreamy and can by used to enhance introspection and spirit work – in particular Ayahuasca journeys. It has been traditionally used by the Matses Tribe of the upper Amazon to enable strong visualizations in hunting endeavors. It sharpens long range vision, removes panema and can be used as a natural stimulant. Kambo Canada offers both becchete and sananga for purchase here:


Sananga is made from the roots of the Amazonian plant Tabernaemontana sananho. This powerful medicine is used to cleanse blocked energies on the physical and emotional level. They are used to expand spiritual vision and enhance the ability to read other people’s intentions. The Brazilian tribes people use sananga traditionally to prevent and promote overall ocular health and clear a person of panema – anxiety, depression, bad luck and apathy. For an excellent article discussing the benefits of Sananga from The Psychedelic Times: https://psychedelictimes.com/sananga/


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